Steps to Change Yahoo Account Recovery Mail and Number

Setting up a recovery mail in Yahoo is a great way to add to the safety. The same goes for linking your Yahoo account with your smartphone. Apart from making it virtually unpenetratable` for the hackers, doing this will also help you if you forget your login credentials. If you lose your password, you will be able to retrieve it by getting a verification code on recovery email/mobile phone.

So, linking your Yahoo account with another email and a phone number is a great idea. But, what are you supposed to do if the recovery email/phone numbers are no longer active? What is the easiest way to update the recovery info?

Well, changing the recovery details is done easily if you follow the advices of the people from Yahoo support Ireland. Here is what they advise you to do:

  • Login to your Yahoo account
  • Go to the Account security
  • If you wish to change recovery mail, click on Email addresses
  • If you want to update the phone info, choose Phone numbers
  • Click on Add recovery email address/phone number
  • Enter the desired email address/mobile phone number
  • Verify the new details

As you can see, setting up the new recovery email in Yahoo, as well as the new phone number, is quite easy. This and other similar problems related to your Yahoo account can disappear forever if you listen to advices of our technical support team.

For more serious issues regarding your mail account, we urge you to give a call to the Yahoo support phone number Ireland +353-217319496. This tech support can help you with some really big problem, such as the hacked account for example. Even if the situation seems serious, you got nothing to worry – this tech support will find a way to solve your email problems.


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